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Packaging machinery development process the application of computer technology

Published:2011-04-14 Hits:

According to market research, computer technology is now widely used in machinery industry, in the era of rapid economic development.

improve product productivity, adapt to market requirements, reduce failures, reduce environmental pollution on the packaging machinery industry is very important, in previous years, automation technology, packaging machinery with only 30% of the market, but now more than 50% to 60% forward, mechatronics and micro-computer technology in the packaging machinery industry, can greatly improve the automation of machinery, the packaging all done independently by the device, can reduce costs, maximize production to meet manufacturers requirements.

in food packaging, high reliability and high degree of automation, complete sets of high-speed packaging machinery is particularly welcome. Improve the operating speed for the machinery, it is relatively faster to its single-piece production costs will be lower, but the relative plant area will increase, and the motor running speed is limited, will not let you want to fast, there are fast, usually it is the speed at around 20%.

for complete sets of equipment, the packaging machinery industry also has its own development goals, as in the filling machine production line, some more than 200 computer components, in part to control the display and the other is used to control the action packed software program, 1,300 bottles per minute to achieve production efficiency, the entire production line will account for a large space, and equipment manufacturers but also in a device. This is the weakness of the current packaging machinery industry, stand-alone more, less equipment, hosts more auxiliary less, supporting the overall poor performance, so the use of advanced computer simulation technology is necessary.

The computer simulation technique is to use various elements of packaging machinery in the form of a database stored in the computer, the design drawings before we enter the digital computer, using computers to simulate three-dimensional graphics, the failure will occur and actual production data and a variety of indicators into the computer, using a computer to simulate the work of packaging machinery in the real situation may occur, such as scrap rates, productivity, and the bottleneck where failures occur, etc., the customer on the display working conditions on the mechanical glance, then the model based on customer needs to improve, until satisfactory results so far.

using computer simulation design technology that can shorten the production cycle and improve the development of packaging machinery design cycle, the packaging industry in a way a lot of progress. In the path of development after, this technology will be widely used, will become the packaging machinery business efforts.